Our History

Ferrini Art Institute was born based on the professional experience of her founder, Patricia Ferrini, in Sustainable Development, including as a consultant to the World Health Organization in the field of Sustainable Cities. Coupled with a passion for the arts that culminated in her training as a curator, the knowledge of the official communication strategies adopted by the United Nations to spread the Sustainable Development Goals of the Millennium helped the conception of the Ferrini Art Institute, in 2019. Linking sustainability, art and innovation in the artistic field, the Institute is committed to inclusion and artistic decolonization, valuing of the work of women, emerging and independent artists and artists from ethnic minorities.

Our three pillars

Art. Engaging with art is not a solitary event. Arts and culture represent one of the few areas where people can share an experience even if they see the world in a very different way. In art, there is space for disagreement, an essential part of manifestation. The community created by arts and culture is a great source of inspiration for politicians, advocacy and transcendent activism.

Sustainable Development. Means meeting human development goals while ensuring that development can be sustained over time because preserves natural systems and ensures social and economic balance. Learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals of the Millennium, defined by the United Nations and all Members States.

Innovation. It means new ideas, new imagination, new methods, creative thoughts, better solutions. Innovation in arts can be expressed in many forms, but immersive experiences have been gaining attention lately, either for their technological attractiveness or for their ability to place people as part of the artwork.

Our team

Executive Team

Patricia Ferrini. Founder and Curator

Olivia Costa. General Manager

Daiana Crepaldi. Art Director (Brazil)

Gustavo Sousa. Innovation Director (Brazil)


Marcio da Cruz. Producer (Europe)

Laureline Coindoz. Producer and journalist (Europe)

Evangelina Vormittag. Governance and Sustainability consultant (Brazil)