POLITY is a Mixed Reality Experience that adresses the issue of the growing political polarization in the world. This polarization speaks in favor of a cultural war that is affecting the strengthening of democracy.

It was idealized in partnership with The “Political Debate Digital Monitor”, a project that seeks to map, measure and analyze the digital political debate ecosystem, conducted by professors Pablo Ortelado and Márcio Moretto Ribeiro, from the University of São Paulo School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities.

Political Debate Digital Monitor (Portuguese)

POLITY will use analysis performed by the Political Debate Digital Monitor, using unpublished privacy-protected Facebook data. More than 60 researchers from 30 academic institutions across 11 countries were chosen through a competitive peer review process organized by the Social Science Research Council and Facebook, and professors Pablo Ortellado and Márcio Moretto Ribeiro were the only ones in Brazil that could get access to the data.

Still under construction. Follow the project on social networks and stay tunned.